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When you tire of the status quo,

it's time to set out on your own.


Welcome and thank you for your interest in CartsMD! We are the owners - Michael Stone & Derek Hernandez. You may recognize us from our many years of employment at other local golf cart shops. We climbed our way up through these companies, becoming experts through experience. Oftentimes we became frustrated after identifying problems with no power to change them. We wanted to offer something better, something we could be proud of.

So we set out on our own and became CartsMD! FUN FACT: the letters MD in our name stand for "Mike" & "Derek"

Our mission is to bring competent and affordable service to every golf cart owner and customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. For all those that have been ripped off, blown off, or just plain ticked off by the other guys, we welcome the opportunity to give you a better experience. You deserve it after all!

With the faces you know and the people you trust, choosing CartsMD is a must!

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Meet the Owners

Michael Stone

Owner Operator

Michael has been immersed in the golf cart industry for over 12 years, and has a vast range of experience in all aspects of the business including cart maintenance & repair, sales, and management. He has proudly served in our armed forces as a U.S. Marine and offers that same sense of integrity and dedication to all of his customers.

Derek Hernandez

Owner Operator

Derek began working in the golf cart industry in Southwest Florida in 2009.  Starting out as a Salesman/Technician, he quickly progressed and was promoted to Service & Parts Manager.  He is a fully certified Yamaha Golf Cart Technician. He is dedicated to making sure that each customer receives exceptional service.

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