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Routine preventative maintenance is important to ensure your golf cart runs safely & efficiently and is the best way to prevent costly repairs. These are performed onsite wherever is most convenient for you making it easy & affordable to keep your cart in excellent condition. Prices listed are consumer rates, commercial customers please contact us to find out more about fleet maintenance.


- Check & adjust battery water
- Retighten battery cables
- Reapply terminal coating
- Check & adjust tire pressure
- Test headlights/taillights
- Make sure charger works properly
- Advise repairs as needed


- Test drive to check all functions
- Check & adjust battery water
- Check battery hydrometer
- Load test batteries & date check if applicable
- Check for loose/corroded cables
- Reapply terminal coating
- Check & adjust tire pressure
- Rotate tires as needed
- Check bushings & alignment
- Clean, inspect & adjust brakes as necessary
- Test headlights, taillights, brake lights, signals, & horn
- Inspect all wiring & fix any issues
- Grease zerk fittings
- Test all safety equipment
- Inspect cart for any cosmetic defects
- Advise repairs as needed

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