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Offering a full line of Electric Vehicles including Personal Golf Carts, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), and Electric Vehicles for commercial use including utility landscape applications, campus vehicles and larger people movers all with applications based on the customers’ needs, the introduction of Pilotcar EV, Inc. brings the electric vehicle market to the next level. With extensive design studies and continuous research and development, Pilotcar has been producing its electric vehicles on its own integrated production lines with excellent care and attention since 2011. These European-made vehicles offer a unique driving experience with their avant-garde sport styling, convenient onboard chargers, fully adjustable seats and ultimate comfort at a very competetive price.

PC-2 Model

MOTOR            6kw

BATTERY          6 x 8V Trojan T875  

CHARGER         Delta-Q Onboard Charge Unit

CONTROLLER    Curtis (350 A-450 A)

SPEED              25mph

RANGE              37mi

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