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Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

One of the costliest mistakes a golf cart owner can make is improper care of their batteries due to lack of knowledge. The key to achieving optimum performance and longevity is proper golf cart battery maintenance. In this article you will learn not only how to service your own batteries but why it is important to do so.

It is necessary to check the water levels in your batteries frequently and only when the cart is fully charged. For residential use we advise at least every 2 weeks, for commercial purposes every week. You will find that water levels (much like us Floridians!) will drop faster during the hotter months of the year. Fill battery cells, or water fill holes, to 3/8 inch above the lead plates using ONLY distilled water. Avoid using tap water as the high mineral content can be very harmful to batteries.

When you charge a battery it gets hot -> heat causes expansion -> expansion pushes acid out and to the top of the batteries where it interacts with cables, terminals, etc. causing corrosion. This can be cleaned up by using a bristle brush and a solution of distilled water and baking soda, which neutralizes the acid. If you feel you need to take a cable off of the terminal to properly clean it, it is important to determine whether or not your cart has a toe-run switch; if so, ensure that you have the switch set to the tow position before removing any cables. We recommend doing this every few months or as needed. Battery terminal spray is a useful product that creates a barrier to the acid and helps prevent corrosion, which can be purchased from us at Carts MD. It is important to note that if the tops of your batteries are always wet with acid this usually means they are being overfilled or are simply too old.

After removing any corrosion you will want to rinse off any cleaning solution with a hose. Please be aware that the acid WILL stain concrete - this means pavers, driveways, and garage floors. Batteries should be washed off either in grass or gravel to avoid this. NEVER use a pressure washer as you could inject water into electrical components causing malfunctions. Take care to ALWAYS use rubber gloves and safety glasses when interacting with batteries, as well as wearing clothing you wouldn't mind ruining because acid will eat through most fabrics. Allow cart to dry completely before storing.

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